As a general description, the history of the birth of the newspaper "Communications" is in the late 70s when IKIP Malang was led by the Rector, Drs. Mas Achmad Icksan. Furthermore, Koran Communications obtained an official publication permit through the Rector's Decree No. Sp.107 / III / 9a / 79 dated April 1, 1979 and as the editorial board at that time was Drs. Widodo, Drs. Koesnadi, Drs. Basenang Saliwangi, Drs. Sanapiah S. Faisal, and Drs. Istamar Syamsuri. It should be noted that the emergence of a big name Communication could not be separated from the philosophical idea of Drs. Sanapiah S. Faisal.

          At that time, the style of communication still followed the circulation of other general newspapers, large and wide. The range later, in 1982 the Communications newspaper changed its size again, from the wide size changed to the medium size newspaper or the more popular "Tabloid". Along with the institutional development of the IKIP Malang at that time, the communication maneuvers were getting stronger and stronger up to date, to be precise on July 28, 1988, the Communications newspaper obtained ISSN 0215-7632, at that time as the managing editor was Drs. Syamsul Arifin, and Drs. Muhajir Effendy.

          The new history of the emergence of the UM Communication Newspaper is increasingly dynamic and continues to be engraved. In 2005, the communication newspaper took care of new changes, originally in the form of a newspaper that was no longer in orbit, on the contrary, it became a printed media packaged in a magazine form. This breakthrough in innovation was initiated by Drs. Mistaram, M.Pd (Chief Editor) as the originator of the idea, who is persistent in seeking a change from a newspaper to an aesthetic magazine but still adhering to the motto "smart, free, and responsible" and is more popular with readers.

          As an accuracy of achievement, in general, alumni editorial communications have reaped good success in pursuing their profession in the national print media scene including Anwar Warudiono (Kompas Daily), Syaiful Anam (Gatra, and Pena Pendidikan), Baihaqi (Jawa Pos), Samsundari (Antara and Radar Banyuwangi), to the UMM Rector, Dr. H. Muhajir Effendy, M.AP.

           The latest development, UM Communication magazine which has been 31 years old is increasingly expanding its wings not only in its physical form as a magazine, but also based on ICT. The appearance of the Center for Information and Communication Technology (TIK) UM provides strategic opportunities for the Communication magazine to fly on line through On December 1, 2008, UM Communication Magazine started ready and on line, so that it has a positive impact on making it easier for readers to access the latest news about campus.

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